Job Description:

The market is shifting towards more of a subscription economy, where the value of a customer is realized over time and customers demand tangible proof of outcomes. In this role, you can change the way we engage with our business partners. You will be a part of the team that develops supply chain models for our customers to create value using the Solvoyo Platform. Your work will form an integral part of the end-to-end engagement process with a focus on maximizing customer and partner value realization. This is a key initiative for Solvoyo that will help customers to gain full value from what they have purchased and unlock further opportunities for engagement.


  • Works in a customer-facing role focusing on supply chain technologies. Have a passion for technology to drive customer success and want to understand how it can bring the most value to our partners
  • Enjoys working in a team interacting with many different roles in Sales, Support, Data Analytics, and Modeling while strong listening and communication skills helping you to be successful in your role
  • Research and analyze business performance of business partners
  • Works with Solvoyo customers to configure their supply chain planning processes on the Solvoyo Elevation Platform
  • Meets customers, understand their needs, match them with Solvoyo’s solutions in a proactive manner and configures role-based dashboards on Solvoyo UIProvides after go-live support and continuously looks for ways to improve customer KPIs via data analytics.


  • Understands supply chain concepts
  • Passionate about cloud technology, SaaS and start-ups
  • Have a strong analytical mind and drives intellectual stimulation from solving analytical problems
  • Understands mathematical modeling to apply to supply chain planning problems
  • Problem solver who can lead or follow, having strong analytical skills
  • Ability to meet tight deadlines, follow development standards and to work independently
  • Ability to handle large data sets and glean information from data
  • Team player who can contribute with ideas
  • Ability to have big picture thinking and customer-centricity
  • Passionate about quality and continuous improvement of processes


  • Graduate or Undergraduate degree in Industrial Engineering, Systems Engineering, Engineering or Statistics
  • Excellent command of SQL and databases
  • Excellent command of MS Office applications
  • Excellent command of both written and spoken English